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    2019-12-2  Worth a Try Huani found out after checking on the Internet that the Shandong-Xinjiang-Europe rail service started on August 28, 2015. It entailed trains between Shandong Province’s Binzhou City to Europe via Xinjiang in northwestern China, and as from October that year also between the province’s Linyi City to Europe via Manzhouli in northeastern China.

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    The quality / speed seem to be much the same to me. It seems, as in China, in the UK you can now do pretty much anything you would do on your computer via mobile Internet and it is rare to find someone, or shops selling, phones that do not have/enable the Internet functions. Even simple messaging services most people use are now mainly Internet ...


    2019-12-2  China will continue to be proactive in international financial governance and financial system reforms. Based on the reforms smoothly carried out to liberalize the capital account and RMB exchange rate, the RMB's global march must speed up in order to become a


    2019-4-1  Targeting malpractices in the process of assets management, such as illegal stripping, purchase and low-price handling, the four asset management corporations have made particular efforts to improve internal management systems after holding responsible persons accountable.

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    “The real growth of a healthy economy should conform to potential growth, just like a person’s running speed is determined by their physical condition,” Cai said. Based on downward potential growth, China’s economy in the long term will slow down, he warned.

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    Talk of The Town From sports celebrities to murderers South Africa's hero Oscar Pistorius was not the first sports star falling from grace for committing a murder.

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    The rising costs of land, commodities, and labor have made senior care even more challenging in Shanghai. In 2008, a nursing home with 66 beds was rented out for RMB 180,000 ($26,700) per year. But in 2016, the price surged to RMB 1.8 million, said the owner of a nursing house in Xuhui District, southeast of the urban center.

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    2009-2-25  The U.S. economy is currently going through a slow period, resulting from continued adjustment in the housing markets, the effects of the related credit market turmoil, and, more lately, continued high energy prices. The U.S. has taken several steps to maintain economic growth and ensure that the needed adjustment in markets continues.

  • Report on the Work of the Government (2002) _

    Good progress was made in restructuring and reorganizing enterprises. A number of mines having exhausted their deposits and insolvent enterprises with little hope of recovery declared bankruptcy and closed. Achievements were made in the reform of the grain and cotton distribution systems.

  • Report on the Work of the Government (2000) _

    The large-scale development strategy to speed up development of the central and western regions of the country is a major policy decision made by the CPC Central Committee for the new century in accordance with Deng Xiaoping's strategy for China's modernization drive, which encompasses the development of both the coastal areas and the interior.