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  • Stucco and Plaster Work Calculator -

    Calculator - Stucco. Available calculators: Brick Lime Paint Stone Stucco. Quick estimation numbers. Quick Estimation Numbers One bag of NHL 3.5 mixed with 2-1/2 parts sand will: Lay about 160 standard brick; Repoint about 300 square feet of standard brick joints @ 3/8" wide and 3/4" deep;

  • Hedberg Landscape and Masonry Supplies

    Shovels of stucco sand (coarse** sand). You will need approximately: Gals. of TK-225 bonding add mix. You will need approximately: lbs. of 1/2" chopped fiberglass strands. * We recommend rounding up on all approximations, to ensure you have enough material. ** If using synthetic stucco, use fine sand.

  • Stucco Calculator Product Calculators Do it Yourself ...

    Stucco Product Calculator Stucco Scratch Coat: SQ. FT. ... shovels of stucco sand (coarse** sand). You will need approximately: ... and Mexican Beach), benches, basalt columns and bird baths, masonry full veneer and natural thin veneer, mortar, bagged cement, Buechel Stone, Halquist Stone, manufactured stone, Eldorado Stone, Cascade Stone ...

  • Plaster Calculator Calculate Cement and Sand for

    Here is the useful Plaster calculator to calculate cement and sand for plastering. In this online Cement sand quantity for plastering calculator enter the area of plastering to be done, ratio of plastering and the level of thickness you wish to do the plastering and submit to know the cement required in bags and sand

  • Concrete Calculator - How Much Do I Need?

    The calculator will indicate the number of 80 lb bags of QUIKRETE ® Base Coat Stucco and Finish Coat Stucco you will need to construct your stucco wall using a traditional 3 coat or 2 coat application process. (All yields are approximate and do not allow for uneven application thickness, waste, etc.)

  • portland cement and sand calculator -

    Division: 09 24 23 Portland Cement Plaster STUCCO CEMENT ITAN AMERICA® Stucco Cement is specifically designed for the plastering trade. This product, the result of extensive testing and controlled production, has characteristics desired by the stucco applicator. Titan America® Stucco Cement, with proper proportions of sand and clean,

  • Calculating materials needed to stucco - Fine

    2002-7-26  I was told that 1 sack of cement covers 5 yrds, so that is 80 sacs, how much sand goes with that. 1 roll of chicken wire covers 50 yrds, that is 8 rolls. How much tar paper do I need, (and I was told to use 60min paper). I am required to use a double layer of felt/tar paper. I think 1 sack of stucco covers 10 yrds, so I need 40 sacs.

  • STUCCO CEMENT T - Titan America

    2012-7-10  Titan America® Stucco Cement meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-91. Titan America® Stucco Cement when mixed with masonry sand (ASTM C-144) and tested according to ASTM C-270 will produce a mortar that complies with those requirements. Titan America® Stucco Cement, when mixed in accordance with ASTM C-1328,

  • Sand Calculator - how much sand do you need in tons ...

    Sand calculator online - estimate the sand required for your construction or landscaping project in weight (pounds, kilograms, tons, tonnes) and volume (cubic ft, cubic yards, cubic meters). If you are wondering 'how much sand do I need', our free sand calculator is here to do the math for you. Information about sand density, common sand types, sand grain sizes, how much a cubic yard of sand ...

  • Sand Calculator - Omni

    Our sand calculator is a tool designed specifically to help you with calculations you may do on the building site, or when you are doing a bit of home improvement. Estimating the required amount of any building material is a difficult task, and errors may result in either the material running out when the project is in full swing, or in heaps ...